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zup, d, 2od, 9jt, u, fa, l, ww, n, aq, 기관/업체홍보 - Jhey Network Architecture


Forter Raises $125M Series E; Rapid Growth and Market Demand for Real-Time Fraud Prevention Platform Elevates Valuation to More

2020-11-23 05:49
Forter, the leader in e-commerce fraud prevention, today announced it has raised $125 million in Series E funding. Led by Bessemer Venture Partners, Felix Capital and Itai Tsiddon, with participation from Sequoia Capital, NewView Capital, Scale Venture Partners, March Capital Partners and Commerce Ventures, the round propels Forter’s valuation to over $1.3 billion.

The funding will allow Forter to accelerate its vision of establishing an ecosystem of trust across online merchants, banks and...
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