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7p6, lc1, 2, 5d, gx, cx, s, 0n, 6i, m1k, 3n, 8, 2s, 6, f, 9l, d, p, 기관/업체홍보 - Jhey Network Architecture


Limelight Networks Takes Live Streaming to the Next Level With Sub-Second Latency and Interactive Experiences

2020-11-23 10:29
Online video can now feature truly live and interactive experiences on a global scale with Limelight Realtime Streaming’s new features and enhancements. Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW), today announced the next generation of Realtime Streaming, providing sub-second latency for time-sensitive video applications that enable live interaction with viewers.

The majority of online video viewers (64%) say they would be more likely to stream an event if the event isn’t delayed from the br...
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